« Most things make no difference. Being busy is a form of mental laziness. »
Tim Ferriss

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  • We want the sense of belonging and are afraid of going against group think or the herd mentality. We don’t want to feel rejected, so we follow instead of lead.
    We don’t realize every great discovery had to contend with group think and cordially stand their ground before it took root.
    The big oak tree was first a little nut that had to stand its ground.
    The knack is in the delivery. We can see the curvature of lips in words.
    The content of the paper gives it merit. Its ability to build an audience gives it value.
    We just need to practice and stay at it. What didn’t work teaches as much as what did.
    The best paper doesn’t say look at you or look at me. The best paper says, “Come and see.”

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