« How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to? »
Tony Robbins

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  • I’m gonna build my future from today. I have my dreams written in my dream book and I will start to make them into reality.

    I realize that to bring big success to my future, I will have to pay it advance from today. My dreams are broken down into Goals, Big goals are broken down into small goals, short term ones, with deadlines. And those goals are broken down into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily activities. I have daily targets to achieve. Also, daily to do task with daily evaluation.

    Each day I’m gonna act as if my time are MONEY that is given by GOD for me to spend. Of course to get big success in the future, I have to “invest” my time wisely, on activities that are URGENT and IMPORTANT.

    I’m gonna act as if GOD is beside me, asking and checking everythime “hey, is this activity will make you closer to your dreams? I have given you the power of time, I will have them audited so I can see whether you have done good with it”

    Be positive, work hard, pray harder, get closer to GOD.

    Knowledge is power?? Well, “ACTION + GOD is SUPER POWER”

  • Thank you so much Gita for your comment.
    It’s realy motivating to read your feedback

    Now, lets go for the Super Power 😉